Koda Amsterdam

koda amsterdam creates unique haute-couture accessories that are made of offcuts. koda works with Dutch designers. koda products are all made in Dutch ateliers. koda pieces are all different, because the offcuts differ every day..
The offcuts come from De Ploeg, De Ploeg is a Dutch brand of upholstery and curtain fabrics. The weaving mill De Ploeg was established in 1923 as a cooperative and has designed, developed, woven en sold fabrics ever since. The fabrics are well known for their high quality, craftsmanship and timeless design.
When creating orders there is inevitable cut waste: strips of fabric. De Ploeg collects this cut waste for koda. The beautiful fabrics inspire koda designers to create unique accessories.
So far we have designed 3 products for koda Amsterdam:

ROOSJE means ‘little rose’. The embroidery “French knot” adds a cheerful element to the warm and comfortable woollen fabrics of De Ploeg, blending in with the colours of your home.


LOOM is based on the selvedge of the fabrics, the selvedge reveals the colours and textures of the yarns used to create a fabric. Soetekouw made the selvedge the star of the show with this cushion. To make it easy on the working members of social atelier Pantar, to make LOOM, no zipper or buttons are used. We came up with a clever way of assembling the fabrics: four seams are all it takes to make LOOM.


DEKEN is the amazing result of the craftsmanship of Soetekouw and the women that embroidered this beautiful three coloured plaid. Handmade, no machine involved: it takes 16 hours to create this woollen wonder that warms your home – or yourself.