Enschede Textielstad

Dutch Design Week 2018 - Roos Soetekouw - Blue Print Amsterdam-43-2

Enschede Textielstad and Roos Soetekouw collaborated to make a festive, colourful upholstery collection. There’s more than meets the eye; behind a colourful, playful design is a truly sustainable fabric. 

Enschede textielstad is a sustainable industrial weaving mill in the Netherlands that produces garment and interior textiles. All fabrics are produced with recycled yarns, such as recycled denim, recycled workwear and upcycled cotton.

Roos Soetekouw is a textile designer with a focus on colours and textures. Roos has a great love for nature and it’s unusual shapes and colors. Het works show an explosion of discoveries. Each design is a result of a personal journey, a discovery in colour, technique, material and shape.

None of our fabrics are dyed, the fabric gets its colour from the recycled content in the yarns. We lower our environmental impact even more by a production-on-demand model, which prevents us from producing waste.

Base, Forza and Ziggy are the first three patterns that were launched during Dutch Design Week 2018. The materials are suitable to use as furniture or curtain fabric and can in many cases be processed with the front and back surface.