‘Carried by the wind, her spores spread. Unruffled she waits until the appropriate conditions arise. Like a furry coat she reveals herself, suffocating everything in the process of transforming the moribund into new life.’

For the Fungy Collection Soetekouw worked with the Microbiological museum “Micropia” in Amsterdam.

Soetekouw’s first visit to the museum showed a world of organisms too small to see with the naked eye. Microscopic animals, fungi, all are made visible in this wonderful museum.

One of the microbiologists took his time to explain everything in detail. One fungus he spoke about inspired  Soetekouw to create this collection: Pestalotiopsis Microspora is a fungus that “eats” plastic. This fungus, or combination of two fungi, was found in the Amazon Rain forrest. All it needs to survive is synthetic polymer polyester polyurethane (PUR).

This collection consists of towels, table runners and placemats.

On the placemats you can see the fungus itself, if you would zoom in you would see the spores and how the fungus grows. You can see this in the towels. If you where to zoom in even further, you would see the fungus cells as seen on the table runner.

Roos Soetekouw Fungy! collection_12
Roos Soetekouw Fungy! collection_7
Roos Soetekouw Fungy! collection_10
Roos Soetekouw Fungy! collection_4
Roos Soetekouw Fungy! collection_13