The Composition Table by Creative Chef

‘Together the pieces created an interactive experience inviting the dinner guest to become part of a musical composition’

For Milan Design Week this year, Dutch textile designer Roos Soetekouw joined forces with Creative Chef Studio for an innovative installation at Ventura Future. The Composition Table featured objects designed using the shape and feel of sound vibrations, worked out by Creative Chef Studio founder Jasper Udink ten Cate and studio concept developer Cisco Schepens in a music studio. Together the pieces created an interactive experience inviting the dinner guest to become part of a musical composition. Scanning the tableware and listening to the sounds behind the various elements were made possible through an artificial intelligence system courtesy of Dutch tech company Superb.

Soetekouw was responsible for the design of the tablecloth, table runner and napkins, all produced in The Netherlands. ‘Jasper came to me with all the sound waves he created in the studio,’ she explains. ‘I also had access to the recordings of the different instruments. First, I listened to all the sounds a couple of times to hear how the sound sounded. Was it crisp or round, bulky or fragile? Then I started to look at what kind of weave would match that sound.’ Soetekouw could draw on her inventory for some weaves, others were new custom designs, conceived to visualize exactly how an instrument sounds. The result was bright and bold but above all multisensory.

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