Fragile, frivolous, soft, and cheerful, with a hint of Art Deco. Luxurious, luscious and modern. The Malabar collection is an ode to the Malabar Tree Nymph, a rare black and white butterfly, now on the verge of extinction. It lives in the forest clearings of India, and its flight is slow, delicate and fluttery. As a caterpillar, the tree nymph has an ample, voluptuous shape, with golden brown colours.

Soetekouw works with hints of gold, black, royal blues and hot pink to give her work a lush feel, and adds warm, soft, sandy tones to complete the story. The collection is rich in contrast: a well-balanced narrative of the man-made vs the natural, but more importantly, a story of successful collaboration between the man-made and the natural.