Hotel Deventer

007 VdV Deventer DZ

Hotel Deventer, Deventer

Creative direction by Valk Interiors East and Marco Bolderheij.
Bolderheij; “The city’s history, its medieval architecture, the local industry and crafts and its colourful Scandinavian influences all played a part in the concept’s creation and emerging image. The hotel’s picturesque setting along the IJssel river and the beautiful Deventer landscape sensitively influenced the design. The tranquil nature is reflected in the creation of the interiors.
The integration of crafts in the decorative scheme was a key decision and we enlisted the collaboration of many contemporary Dutch designers.
Roos Soetekouw designed the exclusive Deventer Gobelin jacquard fabric and wallpaper.”

The city of Deventer flourished in the Middle Ages and the wallpaper in the restaurant entrance is inspired by gobelins from that period. Gobelins, or tapestries, were a sign of wealth and power. As status symbols they decorated the walls of castles and palaces. The often detailed images came from everyday life or showed heroic battlegrounds. For Hotel Deventer the tapestry has been translated into wallpaper and shows a romantic view of Deventer in which nobility and labor come together and in which important Deventer buildings are prominent. Many tapestries were woven on large looms in Flanders. This is also the case with the “historic” jacquard, which we’ve designed especially for the restaurant and is used to upholster sofas and chairs.

Photography and wallpaper on the pillars by Katarina Stupavska

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