Knots Rugs

This collaborative piece for Knots Rugs was introduced through Lucy Upward at Cover magazine, this brought Netherlands based Fabric Designer Roos Soetekouw to the brands attention and the team were immediately struck by the elegance of her designs. Roos’ work is characterised by an outspoken, visual story and careful detailing.
Thanks to her fashion background, she has developed a talent for selecting bold colour combinations and mixing different materials to create luxurious fabrics.
‘Fringe’, is taken from her collection of the same name, is made in 90% silk. Classic in design, the carpet speaks of pure sophistication and the Scandinavian coloration will work beautifully in the modern home. As its name suggests, the rug comes with an array of interesting fringing, with silk, linen and plaiting woven into the dyed cotton warps.

Roos Soetekouw_Orange
Knots 2
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